Naughty Sandbox Core

In an effort to generate more funding for Naughty Sandbox, I've created Naughty Sandbox Core. This is a version of Naughty Sandbox that will exist along-side the free demo, and contains some rewards usually exclusive to Patreon & SubscribeStar supporters.

Naughty Sandbox will soon use a DLC add-on format, where Core will contain the base experience and a few examples of available environments, features, items etc - and additional content will be delivered through DLC as add-on packs.

Hopefully this format will work well to let people choose what kind of content they're interested in.

Quick apology - this page went live a week before intended, and instructions / Cheat codes that should have been included with the download were not! So for people who purchased Core before now, check back and there will now be an included .txt file.

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